Rocktober 2023

Make Kelley make more music!

Day 1
Carlota explores the ocean
Wow, I had so much fun making this :P This is going to be a good month... (audio file)
Day 2
Love is blind
Just some trash talk from our new guilty pleasure dinner time series here at Loggerhof. (audio file)
Day 3
Kort geding
It sounds way more dramatic/depressing than it actually was BTW -- but for the song, it works. (audio file)
Day 4
YES! this might be my favorite one yet. (audio file)
Day 5
Scary story
Not a vibe, sadly. My worst one yet. (audio file)
Day 6
I was sooo depleted, so I just made something cute... (audio file)
Day 7
Rust, a memory-safe programming language ft. Auke
Auke's challenge was so send me something in the piano, based on the Golden Road chord progression. And then I turned it into lo-fi :P (audio file)
Day 8
Based on a recording Manca made for me of a Swedish airplane announcement. (Thanks!!) Swedish is so sexy. (audio file)
Day 9
Warning signs of potential organizing
Amazon's leaked video on unionizing is ... aggrevating :| (audio file)
Day 10
Alien helicopter ft. Noa
Starting point of this track was random-arpeggiated flute notes, ..and then Noa and I tried turning it into something XD (audio file)
Day 11
Flute 'n bass
Julia (my biggest fan, I sent her daily updates): "Ik krijg hier een beetje stress van" XD (audio file)
Day 12
I really need to get MIDI input working
I do really need to get my MIDI setup working through, haha. Recording was a MESS. I had my keyboard playing aloud and my laptop recording from mic in, but that also meant I couldn't play over existing fragments :| (audio file)
Day 13
El pájaro reggaetón
This is a bit of an inside joke, I'm playing with the sound that the enigmatic 'Russian spy bird' (+ fish), that Manca once found on the street, makes. Combined with some text from Manca and Cyril :P I think Cyril or I messed up 'pájaro' btw. (audio file)
Day 14
Let's just say that I didn't have a lot of resolve today :P (audio file)
Day 15
Chen: 'Can you make something oriental?' (audio file)
Day 16
No time, no energy (audio file)
Day 17
Me cago en la puta de tu madre
Yesterday we had a nice dinner with the whole household, new and old roommates alike, and Maria -- and I got some good cussing samples :D I based this off of Maria's (audio file)
Day 18
A distinct mmmmhh composition
I totally forgot that I started watching Love is Blind with Carlota just because of this one crazy interview from it that I'd seen on TikTok, so I sampled it. My sister, who loves psytrance, says the second part is still a bit too much like techno though XD (audio file)
Day 19
Cyril and I went to the NS open day for becoming a machinist today. I'm not so super happy with my excessive use of the voice sample, and generally the decoration of today's song, which I started out with a lot of enthusiasm.. (audio file)
Day 20
Today was really not a day for making music .. but, when playing around with the arpeggiator function of my new MIDI controller while setting it up, I started falling in love with the sound of the randomized arpeggiated staccato piano, which I then continued decorating according to my mood. And I brought back an old friend into the song: the double harmonized high-pitched sine waves :) (audio file)
Day 21
At Chen's place, so I didn't want to spend too much time making music. I was very happy finding the "cruis ship fog horn" sound at the end though (for different future purposes), hence the name of the song. (audio file)
Day 22
Robots having a reasonably good time
Second day at Chen's, we went to a library in the city center so she could read her book and I could work on my song. I started out trying to make a simple drum pattern sound deep and interesting, and then wanted to layer yesterday's "fog horn" over it. In the end I kinda rushed it to completion though, and now it's a .. funny mixture (audio file)
Day 23
What started out as an attempt to play a cute (maybe beautiful) piece via my new MIDI controller ... turned into a nightmare storytelling situation, to try to save face when the first thing failed XD Turns out .. that "just playing some piano" is not super easy, when you haven't really played any piano in such a long time... :| (audio file)
Day 24
I need that in my life
'Cause Carlota and I are watching Love is Blind a lot recently, and it's just such a good source of samples, haha (audio file)
Day 25
Funk practice
Listening this song back, I think I made a little classic mistake -- I added the guitar track later, but now that it assumes primary focus, it 'decides' the downbeat, making the song wonkier than I intended :P I didn't notice this while making it, because I was already focused on the 'correct' downbeat that I decided on while making the bass line.. (audio file)
Day 26
Advent of Code 2022 - Day 5 - "Supply Stacks"
A very simple first starter at sonifying algorithms. I generated MIDI as a side-output of day 5's solution of last year's Advent of Code. Ideally, I can turn it into a setup where my Advent of Code solutions 'automagically' create some kind of fun sonification :D (audio file)
Day 27
Simplified Neo Soul
Having fun with Chen :) (audio file)
Day 28
28 dagen Cyril
All source material is from Cyril's previous 28 tracks. (audio file)
Day 29
Dinosaurs are still alive
I think this might be my best one yet. I remembered I once saw a video of a bird singing in slow motion, foudn it on YouTube, and turned it into this :P (audio file)
Day 30
Het is de laatste dag
Done! (audio file)